Sparrow Wallet Socket Error with Umbunto


Running Sparrow on Umbunto and connecting Sparrow wallet to umbrel node

Specter requires torr to be running. Sparrow does not and will start it. So…
If you umbrel auto starts torr you need to turn it off before launching sparrow each session.

on umbunto terminal: sudo systemctl stop tor
re-try to get sparrow to connect. It should start the tor and connect.
you may still see error messages. exit back to main window and see
if it says connected on bottom of sparrow gui.
In my case proxy is not used.

This will break Spectre.
Use ```
sudo systemctl start tor
when running spector.

You are wrong.
Both Sparrow and Specter (installed on whatever system), needs to run with Tor, in order tyo be connected to your Umbrel node.
Please follow the instructions from Umbrel - connect wallet, that are very clear.

Just saying Sparrow was trying to start it and since it was allready running i got a socket error. I had to stop the torr service to get past this issue. Yes on windows for example this is not the case; but on umbunto thats how it worked.