Can't connect Sparrow Wallet to Electrum or Bitcoin Core

I have tried endlessly to connect Sparrow Wallet to Electrum or Bitcoin Core. Via Tor preferably, but I cannot get it it to work in any way. I usually get this message:

Could not connect:

SOCKS: Host unreachable. Check if the proxy server is running.

Looking at the guides it seems pretty simple and I am pretty sure I am following the instructions correctly, I just cannot figure out what is going wrong.

Just at my wits end. Any ideas please?

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Well let be sure its working and connect locally first. Tor isnt needed for in network and honestly a vpn is much faster.

So try to connect locally first.

Use the ip address you use to ssh in.

And the port it gives you in electrs.

Put that in private electrum server in sparrow

Thank you for replying. No that doesn’t work. It just says “could not connect: socket closed”

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…Correction, it does work. Wrong ip address! Silly me.

The TOR connection doesn’t work, but you dont think I need it?

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now that you know it works you can try variations of umbrel.local if you wish to find one that works instead of IP.
Tor is great if your outside the home but it can take a minute to form a circuit.
When you are trying to use tor with sparrow can you see in the lower portion that its trying to connect to the tor network? It can take a few minutes.
Its’ also possible depending on where you like tor is blocked.
SSH into your Umbrel and run

docker container ls -a | grep tor

See if everything is running

I use wireguard to connect to my home network when I’m away. I think Umbrel has a built in VPN tailscale. But I don’t trust google.
you can also check in your router settings. Most medium rated routers have a VPN built in you just have to activate it and you can access everything in your network while away.

If you think you’ll only need to access Sparrow from home, it is much better to just use your local network IP. As per @my_bitcoin, using TOR with Sparrow is pretty cumbersome, and offers no benefits when you’re able to connect via your local network anyway.

Outside of home, if you need to access Sparrow, it is recommended you only connect via TOR in those circumstances.