Show me your set up! (Send Nodes)


Here’s my beauty:


You can ssh in and watch the block download progress in real time at

sudo tail -f /mnt/data/umbrel/bitcoin/debug.log

Also can use

sudo apt-get install bmon

and then run it with:


and watch download speed in real time to get an idea of what’s going on speed-wise.

(Pro tip: discovering all the things that are possible in command line can be tempting, but be careful and conservative with it. This program above is a little modular thing that interferes with nothing but you can soft-brick your Umbrel installing too much. I tried to recreate my old Raspibolt with extras like xfce desktop, torrent client, home media server and kodi home theater install and it ended up blocking Umbrel from booting. Stick with things you know will work and not interfere. I can confirm bmon is one of the ok things.)



Cool legs, do you mind sharing the model you used to print these? Also, why two SSDs?

Originally I was using it all as a Rasbibolt node and because everything there is rolled by hand, I was able to install Kodi, transmission torrent client, samba home media server, etc. So was using the second drive for that.

Hoping to figure out how to dockerize or otherwise install those without screwing up umbrel. Already managed to screw it up a couple of times and had to reflash and redownload blockchain as the ability to sideload old block chain data never once worked for me, even when it was originally downloaded by umbrel itself.

Currently, if there is a 2nd drive plugged in at boot, umbrel seems to fail because there’s some mounted storage initialization thing that fails if there’s a second drive present. Would love to figure out how to get around that, because being able to download torrents and watch them on my home network from any device was super.


Damn, that’s clean.

Mine, all was made by @Silexperience (on Twitter). (known thanks to :sunglasses: Lounes )
Drawer under, can be open with a magnet (the Bitcoin disq) to access SSD.



Rasberry Pi Model B 4GB RAM
Samsung V-NAND SSD 860 EVO
Flirc Rasberry Pi Case
Sabrent 2.5" SSD/SATA Hard Drive USB 3.0 Enclosure - 1TB
Rasberry Pi Power Supply
128 GB High Endurance micro SD


2x Labist Raspi4 8GB with 2x Samsung 870QVO 1TB SSD, 2x Orico clear enclosure and 2x Labist power supply.

Hey guys, I just updated to the latest version and taproot from the supermarket car park over TOR. :smiley:

My setup is as recommended, except for the case. Nerding out a little went for an Akasa Pi-4 Pro case, as it is essentially a heatsink block itself - so silent and no moving parts.

Yes Bitcoin art flex too lol :sunglasses:


Where did you get that! I have been searching EVERYWHERE!!!

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Hey Capt’n

Akasa Pi-4 Pro Case:
Cypherpunknow Artist Site:

Yeah thanks, I meant the artwork. :call_me_hand: I know Martin’s site, but he has none left…;(((

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I am SOOOOO jealous…

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Yeah, he has a bunch of good stuff, It means a lot to me, it also represents the only thing I ever bought with bitcoin too, so the subject matter is apt.

A couple days ago I came up with this idea:

Yes. I just hide my node inside my desktop case.

Since then I’ve been monitoring it’s temperature to see if the internal fans are helping since it’s inside a space that tends to heat up. So far so good. The temperatures are in between 45 and 47 degrees (Celsius) most of the time with some spikes at 51 to 53 degrees. It’s pretty much the same from when the node was up in my desk.

So I’m pretty happy with this.


Ok, full LED commando! The nodes are strong I

n this one!! :joy: