Bitcoin node slow sync on umbrel

Hi, how are you? Please, help.
I have one raspberry pi 4 2gb, micro sd 32gb Hdd 1Tb. My network down 200gb. I’ve been running my node on umbrel for 15 days and it hasn’t been able to synchronize 10% of the blockchain.

I’m no expert but I think it’s due to your pi only having 2gb ram.

I believe ideally to sync faster and then also run a few apps on top of the umbrel system you’d want 4gb minimum ram on your pi and preferably the 8gb version would be ideal.

I thinks it’s possible that the slow sync is because your pi just doesn’t have enough memory to do it any faster.

I have one raspberry pi 4 2gb ram, ssd 64gb, hdd external 1Tb, my node running since 01/08//2023 at moment my sync is 16% .

I think there is a slowness between umbrel and bitcoin core. I have a 4RAM PC and 1Tb HDD and I managed to sync my node 100% to bitcoin core in a week. what is happening to this slowness?