Bitcoin node slow sync on umbrel

Hi, how are you? Please, help.
I have one raspberry pi 4 2gb, micro sd 32gb Hdd 1Tb. My network down 200gb. I’ve been running my node on umbrel for 15 days and it hasn’t been able to synchronize 10% of the blockchain.

I’m no expert but I think it’s due to your pi only having 2gb ram.

I believe ideally to sync faster and then also run a few apps on top of the umbrel system you’d want 4gb minimum ram on your pi and preferably the 8gb version would be ideal.

I thinks it’s possible that the slow sync is because your pi just doesn’t have enough memory to do it any faster.

I have one raspberry pi 4 2gb ram, ssd 64gb, hdd external 1Tb, my node running since 01/08//2023 at moment my sync is 16% .

I think there is a slowness between umbrel and bitcoin core. I have a 4RAM PC and 1Tb HDD and I managed to sync my node 100% to bitcoin core in a week. what is happening to this slowness?

I am on day 19 now and at 97.84%. Blockchain size is 592 GB. This is agonizingly slow and download seems to stop over night. Very frustrated. Was expecting around 11 days. Also seems to have slowed drastically after 90%. Block sizes are bigger now though.

In the word’s of the great @DarthCoin:

LOL! Good advice always. I should have thought of this sooner but I didn’t. I turned my VPN off and am now syncing faster. We will see. Thanks!

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