Moving SSD with Bitcoin node from Rock64 to PI 4 8GB?

Hi, I managed to install Umbrel on a Pine Rock64 (2017 mod.?). This little guy has 4GB of RAM, so I gave it a try. Started off with a 4GB HDD (2,5" USB 3.0), but after 4 - 5 weeks and 80% I ordered a 1GB SSD. Stopped Umbrel and copied from HDD to SSD with rsync. Started Umbrel again and the syncinc finnished in a couple of days.
All well and Iā€™m super happy :slight_smile: After some more days and sending some sats to the BTC node I realized that the load permanently stayed extremly high.
Yesterday I bought me a Raspberry PI 4 with 8GB and a new 32GB microSD card. Wanted to know if someone with success has moved the external disk from one machine to another and preserved the node?
What I want to do is take down the Rock64, install Umbrel OS on the RPI 4 and set it up with the same IP as the old machine. connect the /Umbrel disk (1TB SSD) and start the node.
Alternatively, must I start over, and import my wallet after a sucessfull sync of the node?
Third option is to send my sats (and use some in fee) form this node/wallet. And set up a new one.
I have not opened any Lightning channels yet, but have a bit of sats in the BTC wallet.