Introducing the plug-and-play Umbrel server from The Bitcoin Machines

Note: We have discontinued our partnership with The Bitcoin Machines and this product is no longer for sale.

It’s here! :rocket:

We’re super excited to announce our partnership with The Bitcoin Machines to offer the most seamless way to run Umbrel — an all-aluminium plug-and-play Umbrel server with a 1.8" display, powered by a Raspberry Pi 4 with 8GM RAM and 64bit quad-core CPU, with the option to choose between 1TB or 2TB SSD for storage.

The plug-and-play server can be ordered at The Bitcoin Machines store at $429 for the 1TB storage option and $559 for 2TB. Ships worldwide.


This is beautiful. Great move to build Umbrel HW with The Bitcoin Machine.

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What does the screen display?

the block number synced and sats/usd

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Damn that is gorgeous! Yall doing great things!

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Is their a way to diy a screen display? Dose this run a custom version of umbrel?


That looks great. I already built my Umbrel, if I hadn’t I would get one.

I really want to show the same info on mine. How can I get my Umbrel to show the price like that?


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New to the community! Is the SSD easy to remove if it fails? Can we access the internals easily? Thank you so much for clarifying. Just debating 1 TB or 2 TB. Intentions are to run BTC node and attempt to have some Lightning channels.

This is awesome!

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i waiting for Routing Node Series
for higher spec to gear up faster than pi4

Looking forward to receiving this. Ordered on 10/19. What’s the estimated time to process order before shipping? Order still shows processing, but not updated beyond that as of today 11/10. I’m trying to be patient lol! Thank you.

Not that easy! Ordered my Bitcoin Machine on October 5th and just received it two days ago.
In the box was the machine, cables and Raspberry power supply. There were no instructions whatsoever, not even a QR code to take me to a website. I connected it to my router, plugged it in and turned it on, not knowing that the blue cable was supposed to be connected between the SSD and the pi in the back of the unit. Contacted The Bitcoin Machine tech support and they sent a pic of the connection. I went ahead and connected the SSD, went to umbrel.local/start, was able to re-boot the unit from the webpage and when it came back up all I get is a pulsing “loading”. After 24 hours and still getting the “loading” pulse contacted tech support again, they said that will get back to me after getting troubleshooting steps from Umbrel.
After paying what I paid for the unit seems like things would go a little easier.
Can someone please help!!

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The current processing time is about 30 days. Orders are directly processed by The Bitcoin Machines (which is an independent company and our partner). They’re pretty active on Twitter (@BitcoinMachines) and looking at their recent update, I think your order should be dispatched in a week or so. I know it’s been a long wait, but hopefully worth it! :smiley:

Sorry to hear that! I agree, the setup instructions should be made clear. I’ll definitely bring this up with TBM and pass on your feedback.

Re being stuck on “loading”, @louneskmt from our team will get in touch with your shortly via Telegram to help you resolve it. We’ll make sure to get you up and running!

Yess! You can access the internals easily (they even ship a hex key to help you unscrew it) and the SSD is replaceable.

Great idea for those that are not interested in building their own Umbrel server with a Raspberry Pi. Although, I have quite enjoyed the whole diy experience…

I really appreciate the follow up. Look forward to receiving it soon. Take care.

I’m beginning to think there is something wrong with SSD.

I think you should have just asking people to subscribe for your service rather than messing with their DIY nodes that run your umbrel…i think im going to wipe my rasbpi4 i set up and try another OS. May be going back to bitccore that didn’t promise much but yet gives peace of mind.