Sending from Strike To Umbrel LN Node - Invalid

Setup the Strike app to play around w/it. Purchased sats, created invoice in umbrel and used send function in Strike, says invalid invoice, address, etc. I have sufficient online liquidity in open channels in both directions. Connected umbrel node wallet using zap and generated another invoice, same outcome. Is strike a closed system w/no support for LN except themselves or am I doing something wrong? Searched online pretty well but not getting anywhere.

Using the “Pay” function from the home tab in Strike pulls up the invoice info from my node and converts it to dollars. Tells me insufficient balance. Yeah, no dollars in there, I bought sats. I was able to send the sats to my BTC address. Not the intended function I wanted but I can always add the liquidity. Was curious how this was gonna work. Hopefully this answers some questions for others.

This is about Strike wallet not about Umbrel.
It should be a tab named BTC and from there you have to pay the LN invoice from Strike.

Right, the invoice is called invalid from the BTC tab in Strike. The whole point of my post.

That’s why I said: this is not matter of Umbrel. Is a matter of Strike. So please ask them what is going on.