Blue Wallet Lightning Node

I’ve owned Bitcoin for some time and decided I wanted to take the next step to set up my own node and Umbrel was the easiest choice for me. I’d like to point out I don’t have very little technical skills so bare with me. I connected my Blue Wallet to my node and so far so good. I created a new Lightning Wallet in my Blue Wallet app after connecting to my node (I previously had one Lightning Wallet). I transferred some sats from my ‘Blue Wallet BTC wallet’ to my new Lightning Wallet. However, when opening umbrel.local, the sats show up in my Bitcoin Wallet, not my Lightning Wallet.

Where my assumptions above wrong, did I make any mistake or is there another step? I’m sorry about this basic question, I’m new and trying to learn.

Did you create invoice in your LN wallet? I guess you have choosen “top up” wallet and send funds to bc1 address so the funds showed up in node’s on-chain wallet.

Thanks for your quick reply Vilas.
I clicked ‘Manage Funds’ in BW Lightning Wallet and clicked Refill.

Yes, Refill is used when you have on-chain funds and want to transfer them to LN. It cost on-chain fees so don’t send small amounts. If you already have another LN wallet with funds or someone want to pay to you via LN, click Receive a send him created invoice. This transfer is made through LN and fees are much much lower.

Thanks! Just to clarify. I created a Lightning Wallet in BW (my first) and ‘refilled’ with 100,000 sats from my BW BTC Wallet. I was able to do that with a quite low fee. Then I created another Lightning Wallet after I connected my BW to my Umbrel node. I then created an invoice (1000 sats) on the Umbrel Lightning Wallet (on BW) but I got an error message saying the wallet has insufficient incoming liquidity (or something similar). I guess it’s because I didn’t create a Lightning channel yet. So I wanted to refill my Umbrel Lightning Wallet in BW (I don’t mind the fees, I took lower ones so took an hour or so). In BW, I see the 110,000 sats in my Lightning Wallet. But when opening Umbrel on my computer it shows up in my Bitcoin Wallet. So where did it go wrong? :slightly_smiling_face: Is the Lightning Wallet in BW a “mirror” of the Umbrel (or opposite).
I hope I make sense, thanks for your help.

No, BW is not “mirror” of your node, it’s client of your bank (node). You must have opened channels with enough liquidity.

Please read this explanation:

[GUIDE] Umbrel + BlueWallet + LNDHub

Matt, I have the same question/situation, and I’m not clear that the guide answered it. Did you figure this out?