Lightning balance

Hi to all I’m new to this so please be patient I’ve setup my node and have transferred some btc to it but for some reason I can’t move the sats or btc to my lightning wallet what I’m I doing wrong I want to move the funds to my lightning can anyone point me in the right direction.

many thanks

Seems that your lack of knowledge about how LN works is really low…
Before doing anything else with your node, you better start reading a little bit more.
Start with these posts from the Guides section of this forum:

ya I mite be a little ignorant on this but we have to start somewhere. anyway I’ve been at it for hours now and have not been able to move the funds from the btc wallet to to the Ln wallet I’m thinking that there’s something up. really it should be a straightforward thing to do or I’m I missing something plus if I have posted in the wrong area of the community I’m sorry for that but hay it’s not the end of the world all I need is a little help from some more experienced people let’s face it that’s the hole point of the community site is it not.

thanks kindly

Is nothing wrong to ask for help. Is good.
What I indicate you is the RIGHT path to take to learn.
You want only a quick answer but that will not help you for the next steps and you will end up in even more frustration, because you lack of knowledge.
Believe me I want all the best for you and reading those links and watching lots of videos about LN will help you understand first how it works, WITHOUT losing funds.

What you did in that screenshot is wrong. With 18k sats you will not be able to do almost nothing and you will lose those sats in miners fees for nothing.

oki koki no worries I will take a look at what you sent me. regarding the amount your right that’s not enough I didn’t want to throw a lot of money at it until I got a grip on how it works so as not to lose out on what I put into my Ln wallet if you understand what I mean I can afford to lose the little in there for now anyway thanks for replying to me

kind regards