Keysend Invoices

Hi Guys,

Does anyone know how to execute a Keysend Invoice from an Umbrel Node (an invoice without an amount)?

Thank you

I think this is related to a specific wallet app that support that function. LND/Umbrel is already supporting it, but you will need the “interface” to be able to do that.

Zap for sure do not use that.
Zeus also couldn’t not do that.
I think for the moment only Phoenix and Breez wallets support keysend, so from your Umbrel node, not sure if is possible in this moment. Maybe in the future.

In Thunderhub also I couldn’t find the way to generate/use a keysend nor LNurl

Thunderhub supports Keysend: At the mainpage look at the box “Your Accounts”. In your lightning account there’re two buttons “send” and “receive”. Try “send” and choose “Is Keysend” -> Yes


Oh snap! That’s cool, how I could miss that?! :upside_down_face:

Pretty simple to miss indeed, it’s hidden quite well :grimacing:

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THANK YOU! Definitely didn’t see that either @DarthCoin - jokes on us!