Lightning Invoice Requests

After upgrading Umbrel to latest I see 4 lightning invoice requests for 100m sats each were created with 24 hour expire.

I did not create these. No one has the login credentials to my node.

I don’t believe anyone has accessed the node directly…

What can I do to understand this and troubleshoot better? I don’t see a “to address” or “receive address”…

Any help would be appreciated.

That is the app Satsale doing an internal test to see if it’s working properly. Your sats are safe – I can understand where you’re coming from, I’d freak out as well if my sats were “taken” out without my consent.

Thanks for this reply - I wondered what the heck was going on (not the OP).

thx for the reply. I figured that out as well.

Also…f that. not cool. they should not be doing that and who/how does that app even have permission to do that.

I’m deleting all apps from my umbrel routing node.

security is an issue, some apps you can’t change the. password. Disappointed.