Retriving Umbrel access through 24 word seed

Hi guys, I’ve done something stupid that has resulted in me losing access through my password. I have my 24 word seed but can’t figure out where I can go to restore things…
Many thanks

I’ve had the same issue once as a result of bricking my SD card. No panic, your funds are safe.

Do you have a backup of your channels?

You could reflash your SD and restore it on first boot.
You may have to format your SSD as well.

Just make sure you have backups. Good luck!

If you had channels, you will also need the channel backup file.

same issue but I made a mistake recovering the wallet with the 24 words. Any Idea if I Can type them again (create another wallet)

Guide - 6 ways to recover your node wallet

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same here … ,
looking for restore node with word i have user exist error ,restore fail
i create new wallet ,with new username
after 24 words : error user exist again … :sweat_smile: