Umbrel Recover - "User Already Exists"

Hello all. I had to replace my hard drive. After going through the setup process in which I had to renter may name and create a password (I used the same name and PW), I was given the option to Recover or write down the seed phrases. I selected Recover. Then entered all of the seed phrases and got this error: “User Already Exists”.

It won’t let me proceed. Any suggestions? I don’t mind creating a new account, but need a way to recover the BTC in my current Umbrel account.


I suggest you to do the following:

  1. If you had funds in your old dead node (onchain and/or LN channels), please restore your onchain wallet with the old seed into BW, Sparrow, Zap desktop. If you had also funds in LN channels, then use Blixt mobile wallet for an easy restore and recover funds in onchain. See this guide about restore dead node
  2. Start a fresh node ID, user data, clean node instance, using the command to reset user data from the troubleshooting manual
  3. Once you have these done, you can send your old funds from those restored wallets to your new node if you want, or just use them as companions for your new Umbrel node.