Umbrel Full recovery test: I inserted 1 wrong secret word: how to start over without resynching the full blockchain?

Hello, I started a wholly fresh Umbrel instance (new SD card and new external drive) in an attempt to verify a full recovery of the working node…which had some funds in the BTC Wallet.

I started with a fresh Umbrel 4.18 build, and empty hd, started the Recovery procedure, inserted my 24 secret words, and then let it fully synchronize for a week.
It finished this morning, but apparently the funds aren’t found - this is not a problem, since i have them on BlueWallet anyway, so this is another test.

On the newly started node, I went to check what 24 words i had inserted upon recovery, and i noticed that i got one word in wrong: instead of “concert” I apparently inserted “concern” (which isn’t even a BIP-39 word).

My questions are:

  1. since concert and concern have the same 4 initial letters…shouldn’t my mistake be irrelevant ?

  2. is there a way to “erase” the 24 secret words and re-enter them once again, without scratching the node again, and having to wait for another week for the synch ?
    Supposedly the wallet should be created at any time…

Thanks for nay hint, and also, if somewhere there is a procedure for doing 2), which i haven’t found.