Restored using seed & 4.9, zero BTC balance

I’m aware of the issue w/4.10, but not sure why I’m having same issue after restore w/4.9. I DID try a restore first w/4.10 and got halfway through blockchain download before hard crash. Ended up restoring w/4.9 after reading about issue.

I suppose I can enter the seed words into a blank Trezor and see balances, but hoping to not have to. The restore has been in place 3 days.

Running RPi, 1TSSD, Windows 10 Pro.

I guess Neutrino is not working since version 4.8, so you’ll have to wait for 100% sync before do transacions. And also seens there are issues with the recover function of LND, but that I’m not so sure, need to do some more testing.

Having same issue:

  1. restored from seed phrase after total sync completed at 100% and the balance was constantly loading.
  2. deleted user data following this procedure in the troubleshooting guide and I restored my Umbrel node from seed again. Balance now showing zero. btcCore sync is still completed at 100% and in “Running” staus

No RPC error is shown so I believe I do not need to restart from Step 2 in that restoring process.

What else I can do to restore that previous balance?

What is the CPU load of RaspPi? Look do command “top” via ssh.
Do you have open lightning channels? Do you reffer to btc wallet or lightning wallet balance?
Are you trying to run many apps in RaspPi?

@LoboGuara was referring to BTC wallet balance, no opened channels.

My solution was just to wait 5min more, probably the time to sync Umbrel with btcCore. Balance now appearing correctly and going to open my first channels :muscle: