Failed Wallet Sync and rebuild

I had to rebuild umbrel on my Raspberry Pi 4 using 1TB SSD from scratch.
I used the recovery words and everything seems to be working.

However my Bitcoin and Lignting wallets are both empty - they shouldn’t be!!

I waited for 0.4.0 but it has not helped.

I have downloaded both the troubleshooting logs. Seem to be some issues in them. Not sure whether to post them here.

I’m a bit flummoxed…

I just went through some of this myself.

The Bitcoin and Lightning wallets have very different answers, in that you should expect a seed restore to return the on-chain balance, but not the lightning channels.

The lightning channels can be reclaimed with your static channel backup file.

When I was restoring, I had two versions of “no funds” happening at different times. At one stage, both the balances were blank, as in not showing any number, even 0. The balances were greyed out almost.

At another stage they showed 0s, but for whatever reason LND had gotten into a funky state, and I couldnt create receive addresses for on-chain, and couldnt get to my lightning address in the UI.

Either of these cases sound like your issue?