RAM Usage - To mutch RAM?

Hey Guys,
what up. I’m new to this umbrel thing so please be patient.
I just installed Debian bare metal on my Homeserver (32GB of ram) and installed umbrel right after.
Unfortunately my Umbrel says:

29.6 GB

Used out of 836.4 MB

-28785405952 Bytes available
Consider uninstalling some apps

can somebody tell me how to fix this issue? or is it just that die Bytes are to big for the Programm, and they start to count negative?

Maybe linux ate my ram will help. Dunno.

I have the same problem. I would guess someone is counting wrong. System 20.1 Gb is about 21262 Mb of available memory.
It’s not pretty, despite the error message it doesn’t seem to have any effect - umbrel works.
I would be interested in a solution though.

~$ free -m
gesamt benutzt frei gemns. Puffer/Cache verfügbar
Speicher: 23949 2226 19297 74 2425 21262
Auslager: 2047 0 2047