Running low on RAM with 16GB of memory

Hi, I installed umbrel on a virtual debian machine with 16GB of RAM. I have got the message “Your Umbrel is running low on RAM”. The Umbrel dashboard showed a usage of 10GB out of 1.4GB. I installed it a second time, but the same warning appeared. I searched for a solution, when I decrease the RAM under 10 GB, for example 9GB there is no problem. But if i try 10GB the usage is 9.9GB out of 400MB.
I also checked the memory usage using the prompt free -h


it says total 9.7Gi, used 2.0Gi, free 6.2 Gi, available 7.7Gi

My Question is, is umbrel unable to utilize a two-digit value of RAM or is it just a visual error?

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