Umbrel logs taking up a lot of memory

Hi, my Umbrel is telling me that the System is currently using 730GB, which I thought was very high. I looked into more and noticed that the logs directory is about 163GB. Specifically, memory-monitor.log is about 30GB and status-monitor.log is about 130GB.

Are these log files supposed to be that big?


Which hardware of Raspberry Pi 4 do you have? the 4GB or 8GB version? Or you have something else? That sounds like you might have too many apps running and it’s causing the memory monitor to keep logging that the system is running out of memory, and has enough available memory; rinse and repeat.
If it’s causing a lot of issues, please get the debug logs and put it on , then we can figure out what’s making the memory monitor go berserk.

I have a Raspberry Pi 4 4GB. I have only one app installed right now.

I think is safe to stop umbrel scripts, and delete manually those logs (if you don’t need them).

So how would I do that?

cd umbrel
sudo ./scripts/stop

go to those folders where you were looking for logs and delete the ones you know are too big or you consider is not worth keeping them.

Can I just delete them with rm? Will they be recreated when I restart the scripts?

yes, will be recreated from 0.

Ok so steps are:

  1. sudo ./scripts/stop
  2. delete log files manually
  3. sudo ./scripts/start

Is this correct?



How is going?

I think those steps worked. I cut my “System” usage down to 595GB from 730GB.

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595GB sounds OK, I have almost the same.
Good work!
Keep an eye on this and keep us posted.