My Umbrel is running out of Memory

Hi -

today i was setting up Umbrel on a HP Elitedesk Mini i5-6500T
This mini PC has got 24GB of Ram an 2TB of HDD
Umbrel was installed by the umbrel script and is running on debian 11.7
Kernel 5.10 also freshly installed without gui

First and only App installed is the Bitcoin Node and the blockchain sync is working.
Message came up : that my umbrel is running out of memory . 17GB used out of 1.6GB available …


The warning message is now away - but still Strange display of memory consumption

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I am also equally concerned.
My node with some frequency restarts due to this and nowadays this is dangerous because of Force Closes

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Hello again !

As you can see from the screenshots - nothing has changed. Still a confusing display of memory usage.
i think it’s just a display bug because as you can see in the last picture everything seems to be fine at the system level. Anyway i won’t deal with umbrel any further - it’s too risky for me to set up a lightning server and other services if i don’t trust the managing system -