Possible to check Raspberry Pi MAC address with SSH?


I changed my Raspberry Pi to another router and would like to change router settings so that the current IP address would be reserved for it. My router is asking for the MAC address of my Pi and I have tried to scan for it with Angry IP scanner but for some reason it doesn’t show it. Is it possible to SSH to Umbrel and check the MAC address with some command?

If you type arp -a in the terminal/powershell window it should show devices connected to it. The Raspberry Pi will have a MAC address that starts with one of these: https://udger.com/resources/mac-address-vendor-detail?name=raspberry_pi_foundation

In my case my umbrel wasn’t on that list so I had to use wireshark to see it, but it only gives me an IPv6 address… which does not go to the device when I type it in the browser.

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Thanks! Was able to solve it with “arp -a” command in terminal.