MAC address "incomplete"

Trying to load up my Raspberry Pi for first time. Not loading from http://umbrel/
Did IP scan and arp -a through terminal on mac
and can see the device, but MAC address shows as “at (incomplete)”
Unable to open in browser with IP address.
? stuck…
Very low level computer knowledge, so please keep any answers as simple as possible. Many thanks in advance.

A few things to help you troubleshoot.

  1. make sure you’re trying to load http://umbrel.local/
  2. make sure your browser loads http not https
  3. Try a network scan with nmap
  4. run ping scan on nmap >> nmap -sn {{insert router IP}}/24
  5. See if this returns different info on the Pi MAC and IP address

Hope that helps.

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Thanks for support. Tried a few things. But the answer lay in the ethernet cable. Plugged it into a different line and viola!