PiJuice Hat Rasberry Pi Umbrel


I am looking for a solution for Power loss of my PI Umbrel node. So i was looking into the PIJuice Hat.
Is there someone who is using this as kind of ups for his pi?
I would like to know if this a good device for the power loss problem?


I use one standard 600VA shelf nobreak to my Modem/router and my 3 RaspPis, those together with my laptops work out all my energy problems, and much cheaper.

Ok I was also looking for a real ups. But I only have 1 node.
Is a real ups not a bit overkill?
What brand of ups do you have.

I ask about the pi juice hat because I had already couple of times a power break at home and someone told me that the pi is to low in power to let hem shut down when battery of ups is low.

I use a popular brand, low cost model here in my country. DidnĀ“t see any problem so far.