Running the pi on solar energy

I was wondering the other day what if we can have an infrastructure that is 100% decentralized and doesn’t depend on something, like powering the raspberry pi on a solar energy system and connecting the pi over a network of radio singles that sends the 2mb block every 10 minutes (or just use blockstream satellite), do you think it is possible?

I know this wont let you run a proper full node that is connected 24/7 but It is just an idea to see if it possible to have 100% freedom from any factor such as government or not paying electricity bills and internet.

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You can definitely do this.

The solar part needs a battery so your source of power is more reliable and doesn’t go down if it starts raining or it gets dark. You can receive the blocks from the Blockstream satellite. This would make your node completely independent of the electric grid and your ISP. You can receive payments too.

However, you can not run a Lightning Node or send payments on Bitcoin this way. For that you do need some sort of outgoing traffic. Radio is a possibility.


I pondered this same idea. Blockstream satellite with a solar powered battery would be usable basically anywhere with no terrestrial connections. I just watched a video from explaining computers YouTube channel about how long you can run a raspberry pi off a 12v lead acid battery. Iirc it was a few days for a pi 4 at low load. A bigger battery or more could last a week. Interesting idea I thought.

if someone is interested in trying it and report to the community there is pijuice from pisupply selling HAT + panel to do so…

anyone know what shall be needed to connect an RPI to blockstream satellite ?