Backup power - inline USB-C or pi Hat?

Some time ago I had a power out that nuked my entire setup - it took 2-3 days for me to rebuild the blockchain, and by then all my channels were force-closed. Bummer - my fault for not having a UPS.

I’m reluctant to get an APC type device as I’ve had bad luck with their batteries dying way before their expected time.

Are there any decently available - I’ll call it “in-line” usb battery packs that are USB-c ‘in’ and USB-c ‘out’ with enough amps to keep a Pi 8gb +ssd running for 10-15 mins during a power-out situation? and if not that, how about one of these sort of ‘hats’ ?

Advice welcome. I’d rather sort this out before opening channels again as my channel-history now looks like a rollercoaster :smiley:

I’m actively looking for an inline power backup setup. I can find power banks with plenty of capacity and max power in excess of the 5v @ 3A needed for my RPi4, but I cannot tell if the battery can deliver uninterrupted power. I tried one and found out the hard way that it didn’t.

Any updates on your end?

Sorry for the slow reply time.

I didn’t find anything that specifically kept passing on power, so I went with a small-format UPS. Not my first choice, but it works.

I used a “Pisugar2 Plus UPS, 5000mAh”, which seems to work really well! However, I think it made the Pi hot and throttle a bit. May be worth putting a fan on it.

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