USP Question/Power

Is there a way to add a USP to an already connected Raspberry pi?
I realized i should have added before i connected to Ubmrel (Currently syncing BTC Core) Thanks

Just shutdown RPi and install things. Syncing will resume then from where it stoped.

Thank you i will do that. Shut down via the dashboard and then connect my USP.
Can i do the same after BTC syncs?

Yes, sure you can shutdown via dashboard any time you like.
Shutdown can last some minutes to complete, look some moments if no blinking lights on raspi board before turn off power.
I use a 720VA UPS to my modem and 3 raspis, and had no problems for about a year.

Ok great! sorry i’m new to the Rasbi Pi… despite running BTC i didn’t know they could do so much, I want to get more.

So i can use a power supply like this.

I was thinking about getting this (below image) which use 18650 lithium battery, but power block seems like a much better solution if i get more RP.

My Rp currently is in a case like this.

Could you please give me just a little more detail how you have yours setup
and how i could get my current set like yours run like yours.
Your USP is connection to wall outlet, then USP is connected to router?

Thank you! Thank you!

Yeah, a desktop UPS is much simpler and cheaper than those li-ion, and have lots of power available, can supports a lcd monitor for example. But they are heavy because of lead battery.
You can drive 50% load (as active power (in W) from rated UPS aparent power (in VA), for some minutes (10 to 15 minutes), and small loads like raspis for some hours).
Some UPS can shutdown raspi automatically.

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And allways use original raspi power suppy for servers, those ones like in picture above are only problem.

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You mean the official Raspi power cord/plug which i have now plugged directly to wall power.
So basically all i have to do is plug Raspi into the USP.