Thunderstorm knocked out my Power

Hello, I just set up my node last night and was at 18% download of Bitcoin then my electricity went out for 5 minutes during a thunderstorm. Since then, my download is stuck at 18%.

What’s the proper way to get activated again so it continues the download?


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Switch off and on. Restart the node. It will catch up from where it left.


Thank you. If I ever need to switch it off for any reason, I do so through the Umbrel.local before unplugging the modem/router?


Please avoid to switch off and on the Pi, as it can lead to data corruption.

If you have access to the dashboard, it is better to use the Settings option to restart your Umbrel. If you don’t have access, you can try to reboot using SSH:

ssh -t umbrel@umbrel.local "sudo reboot"

On v0.3.10, you can also check the logs of your Umbrel Bitcoin Core in Settings page > Troubleshoot, and verify nothing is corrupted or broken.

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Agree 100. On/Off is last resort is all fails and node is not pinging or SSH is not working. Always use the proper Shutdown via the Dashboard or Command line SSH.

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I just bought a continuous power supply for exactly this reason

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It finally synched to 100% and I did run the troubleshoot but where in the logs would is see if there is anything corrupted. I’m not very technical. The only thing I saw of concern was that it said my Pi was running too hot.