[OBSOLETE] [SERVICE] Inital Blockchain Download (up to 08/10/2021)

If you need any help with downloading the inital blockchain, as it is approximately 408GB and still growing… I have created a torrent file of the IBD (inital blockchain download) up to the block 695169.

I understand this basically goes against the philosophy of Umbrel, as you’re your own node, but since not everyone has the bandwidth or patience for the IBD to complete. I will upload a new copy of the IBD every week and void the old one.

Notice: This is a service that’s provided by me solely, so if you see the torrent being passed around other than this forum (community.getumbrel.com), then it could be compromised. I make every effort to secure my node as much I can, but no warranty implied or expressed is provided.

This is also no way endorsed nor affiliated with Umbrel nor its staff.
However, I have received explicit permission to share this torrent with anyone who desires the IBD up to the 695169th block.

To download the torrent: https://puu.sh/I3T4z/cba254a971.torrent (you might need to use a computer, as the ‘SimpleTorrent’ app can’t download it – since it’s huge, lol)

To extract the torrent and merge with the Umbrel node – this has to be done via SSH, there’s no other way:

  1. SSH into your Umbrel node: ssh umbrel@umbrel.local or you might have to use ssh umbrel@<your_umbrel_IP_address> if the umbrel.local does not work (for example: ssh umbrel@
    1a. If you get the password prompt, use the one you set up with the Umbrel dashboard, or by default it is moneyprintergobrrr
  1. Be sure you’re in the umbrel folder by doing cd ~/umbrel/ or wherever you set up Umbrel in (if using a different platform than the Raspberry Pi)

  2. Stop the Umbrel services: sudo ./scripts/stop
    3a. It will let you know as soon the services have stopped, when it does, you can continue.

  3. Move then extract the blockchain_db_695169.tar to ~/umbrel/bitcoin/
    4a. To extract the tar file: tar -xf blockchain_db_695169.tar
    4b. It will extract the . folder, which you need to move the folders blocks and chainstate out of there.
    4c. You do this by mv blocks ~/umbrel/bitcoin/ and mv chainstate ~/umbrel/bitcoin/ OR you might need to adjust the location if you’re using a different platform than the Raspberry Pi.

  4. You should be all good at this point, now we need to restart the Umbrel services, you do this by: sudo ~/umbrel/scripts/start

  5. Go on the dashboard, and you should see the Bitcoin core have up to 98% or more of the IBD downloaded.


For those who need the hash for the blockchain_db_695169.tar file, it is:
SHA256: 84F764E22B98E8AC314FAE31C3F4EB30996F98B337DD373862BC5D62B63F3101


Very nice Tuto.
Will help those with slow connexion.
Big thanks :+1: :+1: :+1:

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Interested in what are the benefits of downloading it externally.

@fig The only benefit to this is if you need to get up and running as soon as possible for any reason. I know some people who would need the blockchain downloaded externally because their node is taking too long to sync. A normal sync can take on an average 2 days to 2 weeks+ depending on your hardware setup (SSD vs. an HDD), network bandwidth. I’m on a fast 1Gbps upload connection, so the torrent should take a few hours up to a day to download (again, depends on your network bandwidth).

Nice, I’ll definitely try it out since I have a HDD and the sync is taking way too long (5+ weeks).

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Hey! I wanted to try it out but the torrent isn’t downloading. Could you please start seeding? Thanks!!

@fig : I’ll seed the new torrent tomorrow, as I had to void the old torrent as it wasn’t working as the way I expected. Sorry about that. I’ll make sure to @ you when I get the new torrent up and running.

Cool! Thank you.

@fig: I’m sorry but I don’t think I’ll be able to get the new torrent up and running in time by tonight. I should be able to do that after 5:30pm EST tomorrow. I realized that I was compressing the file in the wrong format and somehow messed up my node badly that I had to wipe everything and start all over again. I bought new hardware and I’ll test this onto that node, so that way I’d know it’ll work for you. I’d feel so bad if you downloaded all of it and then it didn’t work.

Don’t worry, hopefully you get up and running again soon.

@fig: It looks like I’ll be able to seed the torrent this morning. The hardware for the new node had an issue: defective SSD, so I tested it on my current node, by deleting the blocks and chainstate folders… I extracted the tar.gz into it… and started it up, it was syncing at 99.8% with the last 150 blocks or so. Now we know it will work, and when you finish downloading, let me know as I’ll need to adjust the guide a little bit – as I need to omit a few extraneous steps, so this should be easier. I messaged you privately for the torrent link, because this way I’d know who is downloading the torrent, instead of having 5-6 unknown leechers hogging the bandwidth.

Hello, maybe I also need the link if you want to give it to me…

@Thmsmullee Unfortunately this thread is way too old, but I can make a new copy of the Inital Blockchain Download for you, just keep in mind it may take me around 48 hours before I can provide the torrent link.

Ok, here is the torrent – sorry about the delay, and I will have to modify the instructions on how to extract the blockchain from the tar.gz file. It’s being seeded by 2 of my seedboxes, so you should see download speeds up to 100MB/s depending on your internet connection.

Inital Blockchain Download up to 717645 (January 10, 2022)

blockchain_db_717645.tar.gz (~334GB)
CRC32: ab504c3a
MD5: fed542a9c157d6771c20bb1318962c16
SHA1: 4aca7060f541c96d07d2eb8d198c02f4ef60eba4
SHA256: 8c7449bc7ceb6857e88d3c645d47c8e9be2e50ca98f03c103b2f82be48e2834f

hi bro this file not download torrent not seed and peers

@mahesh I’m able to download the torrent, and it currently has 3 seeders so I don’t see what’s the issue? Are you downloading the new torrent on the bottom of this thread?

I kept it for 2 hours. Now look, nothing has come as a result. Absolutely zero please help!

I put on desktop even when nothing is happening please bro help!

This thread is now considered obsolete, please see the new thread at: [SERVICE] Inital Blockchain Download (up to 04/21/2022)

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