Download Bitcoin block chain question

Hello everyone

I have two questions on download and internet speed.

To start off I’m waiting for my new super fibre 500mb internet to be activated, apparently in 6 days time. My current speed is only 15mb, could I still download the Bitcoin block chain at that speed?

And would it cause an issue changing my internet over next week if I could? Like IP address issues or anything like that?

I have already got my SD card ready last week, the node is just ready to plug in and switch on. SSD drive already connected already to go! Or should I just wait 6 days to get my high speed internet to do it?

Hope someone can give me the best option.


It should be fine. Umbrel works over TOR so IP addresses etc will not matter. Also you can start and stop the blockchain sync as required.

I would just go for it, you will get a certain percentage of it done in that time before your ISP changeover.

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Aww great I will just give it a go then thanks for your time.

I’m eager for it.


Hope you ok with asking another question, I got it running thanks for advise. I down loaded the Bitcoin block chain it’s complete. But today I switched over to new router and internet provider and it’s no longer downloading the recent blocks. Do you know how to contact it to new router? I can log into umbrel it’s just the block chain is not updating now.

Thanks in advance.

Should be enough to just restart umbrel. It should automatically find the new router and connect to the internet.