Introducing Umbrel 0.4 — A personal server OS for everyone

Wow, today has been long time coming! We’re excited to be taking the next step in the journey of Umbrel, from making financial self-sovereignty accessible to making the entire digital self-sovereignty accessible to everyone.

You can read the full announcement on our blog, which goes over our vision, the 10 brand new apps, new features, new license, and our roadmap.

Hope you guys like it. You all are the reason we do this. Thanks for being on this journey with us. We’re just getting started. :heart:

Twitter announcement:


Really excited for this, although wonder if some of the apps now available could do with a little more testing & development.

  • Nextcloud implementation for example only appears to be accessible on the local network

  • SimpleTorrent doesn’t indicate whether it routes traffic through Tor or offer any VPN capability, which also limits its use

  • (+ I don’t think anyone has managed to solve the issue of hardware wallet interaction with Specter yet?)

  • code server runs in limited functionality mode as Umbrel isn’t serving over https

Awesome leap forward and excited to see where this leads, just hope some of the app devs catch up.

Cheers, @ravine.storewide416! The Nextcloud instance should be accessible over Tor. If you just recently updated, I suggest trying again in a few minutes. It can take a while for all the Tor hidden services to come back online after an update.

SimpleTorrent doesn’t torrent over Tor or VPN.

HWI Integration with Specter is possible using their HWI bridge, and yeah I agree, the experience isn’t ideal.

code-server shows the https popup but actually most of its features continue to work fine. I think it’s only copy/pasting from the clipboard that doesn’t work.

Have figured out accessing Nextcloud over Tor now, but don’t seem to be able to get an external address that will let me sync with a desktop or mobile app which is tricky?

Would be great if all apps could be through Tor or have the option for VPN tunnelling their traffic. Imagine that’s not such a simple thing to implement though!

Anyway, thanks for all the work — will keep playing with the new apps and features.

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Great update!

the addition of Pi-Hole is amazing!

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This is an outstanding upgrade!! Congrats!

However, with the addition of so many apps, maybe the Raspberry Pi will start to be too tight to run a few of them at the same time. What is the next best hardware recommended to run Umbrel comfortably with most of the apps loaded and running?



Are you kiddding??
Wow, I have not expected this.

Also the info on Citadel Dispatch, that you are about making a change in your license makes me super happy.

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Turns out the Raspberry Pi 4 (with 8GB RAM) is more than enough to comfortably run all the apps simultaneously in the app store today (check out @lukechild’s tweet) and I’d say it’s still the best hardware to run Umbrel today. It’s crazy how far Single Board Computers have come in the last few years!


Hi @mayank Super Great release!!! I have been using RHEL web console in my server to manage it for a while. This umbrel release opens the door to a lot of potential use cases. I’m thinking on even running custom containers inside umbrel :rocket:

BTW, Any full release notes with versions of apps included? Just wanna know if there is any best practices we should take care before and after we update :smile:

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Wouldn’t power be concern, too? I mean, in my first attempt a few months ago, I installed Umbrel on my HomeAssistant & PiHole box (RPi4 4GB), and the hard drive and the zwave dongle kept dropping. The RPi simply was not able to provide enough power through USB to keep both running at the same time.

That being said, I too am interested in recommendations for a small linux box with a little more horsepower. RPi is close, but not quite enough for my needs.

This is amazing for sure. Well done guys.

I did have one question/request. My main concern with having my own cloud on the SSD for my Umbrel node is single point of failure. Is there/could there be a way for 2+ Umbrel users to have shared SSDs so that you have a backup on theirs if yours fails?

Really appreciate this new upgrade and where this is all going with decentralization and self sovereignty.

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That’s true, the Pi cannot reliably power two USB devices at one time. You might find the Quartz64 interesting for building a custom machine.

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Totally agree, @Maximus. Backups are pretty important and they’re definitely on the roadmap!

Good deal. Thank you for the recommendation!

hi @mayank I’m struggling to get Nextcloud working over Tor. I haven’t changed any of the settings, figured it would work out of the box.

Second edit: solution here apparently…shouldn’t this be default?

I’m running on a RPi 4GB, stock Umbrel no changes. I saw your comment about waiting so waited overnight. That didn’t work, so I rebooted twice, still the same.

I see this warning screen about trusted_domains:

Thanks for what you do – I came to umbrel as a bitcoin node solution. You launched 0.4 and I was like “wtf”. When Apple announced its image scanning on device things started to click. “iUmbrel” is my attempt to replace iCloud services with my umbrel. I mean how hard can it be to replicate iCloud Notes as an example? (edit: wow found ownCloud CloudNotes, for $2 I can host my own notes. Ah, but not through Tor :frowning:

Sooooo excited about this Umbrel next step. For a long time privacy and cryptocurrency have been fairly independent topics for me. Umbrel brings them both together into the same spot. Interesting times ahead.)

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Thanks, @iumbrel! Love the name and motivation behind it:)

Sorry for the issue with Nextcloud. We’re investigating it currently. Glad you were able to get it working in the meantime. I recommend replacing “*.onion” with your Nextcloud’s URL (open Umbrel in Tor browser, then open Nextcloud and copy its URL) in the trusted domains.

Yo, umbrel CONTINUES to introduce me and provide me with opportunities to learn more and explore spaces. Would’ve never considered building my own nextcloud server or migrate my friends onto Element from whatsapp. This is awesome. Truly excited for everything in this avenue.

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OMG…I just configured Pi-hole and wow! No more ads on web pages. I didn’t even know this was possible. I just installed Umbrel on Tuesday and waiting on bitcoin sync to complete so figured I would give this a try. Amazing work team, truly an awesome application and app!


Thanks, really excited about setting up and hosting my own cloud with Nextcloud. However, so far not been able to connect to Android, I scan the QR code and it tels me “could not find host”. It is connected to the same wifi as the Umbrel.
Any suggestions?