[SERVICE] Inital Blockchain Download (up to 04/21/2022)

This is a continuation of my old thread at: [OBSOLETE] [SERVICE] Inital Blockchain Download (up to 08/10/2021)

If you need any help with downloading the inital blockchain, as it is approximately 459GB and still growing… I have created a torrent file of the IBD (inital blockchain download) up to the block 732730.

I understand this basically goes against the philosophy of Umbrel, as you’re your own node, but since not everyone has the bandwidth or patience for the IBD to complete.

Notice: This is a service that’s provided by me solely, so if you see the torrent being passed around other than this forum (community.getumbrel.com ), then it could be compromised. I make every effort to secure my node as much I can, but no warranty implied or expressed is provided.

This is also no way endorsed nor affiliated with Umbrel nor its staff.
However, I have received explicit permission to share this torrent with anyone who desires the IBD up to the 732730th block.

To download the torrent: https://puu.sh/IXcs1/dff07df111.torrent (you might need to use a computer, as the ‘SimpleTorrent’ app can’t download it – since it’s huge, lol)

blockchain_db_732730.tar.gz file checksum/hashes:
Size: ~349GB, or 366,164,580KB
CRC32: 4a9f2f39
MD5: 753a95e3d01c6d673fb766765b4e1288
SHA1: 1ba2bb6fe78dea5ae413c3e6e0592fa1414a63b1
SHA256: 82f699b3068f18293f1dccdb060ba3c0d5fcd1dd61fe1805cf4c5a47fac0d639

To extract the torrent and merge with the Umbrel node – this has to be done via SSH, there’s no other way:

  1. SSH into your Umbrel node: ssh umbrel@umbrel.local or you might have to use ssh umbrel@<your_umbrel_IP_address> if the umbrel.local does not work (for example: ssh umbrel@
    1a. If you get the password prompt, use the one you set up with the Umbrel dashboard, or by default it is moneyprintergobrrr

  2. Be sure you’re in the umbrel folder by doing cd ~/umbrel/ or wherever you set up Umbrel in (if using a different platform than the Raspberry Pi)

  3. Stop the Umbrel services: sudo ./scripts/stop
    3a. It will let you know as soon the services have stopped, when it does, you can continue.

  4. Be sure that you are in the ~/umbrel/bitcoin folder. You can do this by cd ~/umbrel/bitcoin/
    4a. You can extract the data by

    tar -xvzf blockchain_db_732730.tar.gz -C ~/umbrel/bitcoin/ --checkpoint=.100

    4b. This process WILL TAKE A WHILE TO COMPLETE! Be patient, my padawan.

  5. You should be all good at this point, now we need to restart the Umbrel services, you do this by: sudo ~/umbrel/scripts/start

  6. Go on the dashboard, and you should see the Bitcoin core have up to the block 732730 or higher verified as the IBD was previously downloaded.

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Due to new umbrel update, directory for bitcoin files is now changed.

Notice: I no longer maintain this, so the torrent link might be defunct.

Wouldn’t there be a way to use the same data source as QuickSync on MyNode?

Maybe use it as an app.

Downloading for alternative source doesn’t go against, Your own node, Philosophy, What matters is that you validate the proof of work and is OK with the sum of work / difficulty.