Not possible send/receive funds

I have an issue.

Now umbrel is fully sincronized.
I opended a channel but i’m not able to send or receive nothing in the lightning network.
I have seen that the last block sync was 1 hour ago.
If I try to close the channel is not possible closed. I think I have some issue with syncronization of blockchain.

Have you some suggestion how restart again the sync?

After the sync, it will take another 8-12h to sync the index for Electrum Server :slight_smile:

Thanks for the response. I can now send found but I’m not able receive funds on my lightling wallet in Umbrel.

In my case I have opened a channel with wallet of satoshi channel and I have 2000 sat of inbound capacity but if I try send satoshi to my lightling wallet I’m not able to do.

My scope is receive money to my umbrella lightling wallet from another wallet.

Do you know how can I do that? How can I send funds to my lightling node?

If you want to open more channels, it will take the sats needed automatically from your on chain BTC wallet, so go to your Umbrel main interface, Bitcoin wallet and click “receive”

If you want to send funds to your lightning node, respectively receive a Lightning payment yourself, you need In-Bound Capacity.

Your In-Bound Balance is the sum of all Remote Balance on your various channels. In the amount of this inbound capacity you can receive Lightning payments.

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Hello ,

thanks for very fast response.
I have bought inboud capacity. I opened a channel with 2 nodes , the “inbound capacity node” and another one is “Wallet of satoshi” . I can send now money from the Wallet of Satoshi App to my node without issue.
I have set up also the BluWallet and connect to my node via URI . In this case I’m not able to sent the funds I have on BluWallet to my node. I don’t know why.

Probably is something I don’t undestand very well or somethin is missconfigured.

Thanks in advance for your suggestions.