Umbrel and bluewallet

hello question, when tranfer the blue wallet to Lightning Wallet (umbrel) user my Inbound Liquidity.

is issue is iqueals for muun wallet


Hey pconde :wave: I didn’t quite understand the question? Maybe you can rephrase? Or hop into our telegram for real-time assistance!

Once you’ve transferred funds via blue wallet you would need to receive that as lightning or in your on-chain Bitcoin balance. From your Bitcoin balance you can open channels for liquidity, those funds remain as liquidity on that channel until you close it (ideally). Then it sounds like you want to send or receive via MUUN? MUUN shows both your Bitcoin and Lightning balance on its one page interchangeably, so just make sure however you’re trying to send and receive your invoice corresponds correctly in example, lightning receive vs bitcoin on-chain receive. I hope that helps!

Hello thank for help
I gonna try explicate again

payment “blueWallet” to Lightning Wallet (umbrel) use my “Inbound Liquidity” from channels

How do I top up the Lightning Wallet (umbrel)?

You can top up your lightning wallet by clicking receive Bitcoin in your Lightning Node app and sending your node Bitcoin. You can also do this from one of the other node manager apps like Ride The Lightning.