Unable to send via LN - timeout

Hello There,

Im unable to send funds from my umbrel node to the “wallet of satoshi”.
I already tried sending to other wallets which doesn’t work either.

While trying to send, the amount Im trying to send is deducted from my balance an then reappers.
This happens 3 times.
Then I always get a timeout.

What am I doing wrong? See the Screenshot.

You need to learn more about how Lightning Network works.
Here you have a list of resources to study
Also please read this getting started with Umbrel guide you will find out more details that you missed.

I have the same problem. I did everything I can… did you find a solution?

Hey J0nsan, in case this is still relevant for you, I found a solution. getUmbrel as well as all the channels I had are “bad” channels as they have way too much inbound capacity (because everyone opens channels to them). So if they don’t find a way to balance that, transactions won’t work. Better open channels to smaller nodes like LND Routing

works like charme