Not able to deposit. How long does Lightning node need to sync?

Hi there, i have moved my Umbrel node to my new house. It took 2 weeks. Since I have it running now for 7 days, in the Lightning App I can not deposit to my wallet address. I can click on deposit but nothing happens. I see it has not syncrd/showing all transactions to my wallet address. How long can it take to fully sync? Or where can I see sync status of he lughtning app?

The bitcoin noden is

fully synced…

That’s odd, if the bitcoin node is fully synced, lightning should work properly.
Have you tried restarting your umbrel?

Have you tried deleting lightning node and recovering it using the channel backups as showin in this video

doing this last option may not be recommended if you had many channels, as it looks in the recovery process it may close the channels and you will have to start opening channels from the beginning.

A restart by software did the trick

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