How long does the Lightning Node sync after a restore

Hi! I would like to migrate my Umbelnode to a new computer.
The Bitcoinnode is 100% syncronized. Now I’ve restored the Lightningnode with the 24 words, but don’t see any funds yet.
When I go to “Recover Channels” a window comes up saying “Lightning Node is currently syncing.”

How long is it going to take?

Hi @rene how long as it been now and have you seen any funds return onchain yet?

I had the lightningnode running for about 12 hours. because still nothing has worked, I tried to uninstall and reinstall the Bitcoinnode. but now the blockchain has to be downloaded again :frowning:
when it’s done i’ll try again

So, the blockchain is synchronized and I have the same problem - the LN node has been running since the beginning of the blockchain synchronization. This has now been at 100% for about 9 hours.
Unfortunately I don’t have a current backup of the Channel.db (my-umbrel-channels.backup) - only the automatic backup.
Is there anything else I can try?

Many Thanks Regards

HI rene, did you manage to ge your funds back?

Hi @rene any update now?

You are all blocks showing synchronized?

Do you mind to share a recent debug log to review?

You can reference “Generating Troubleshooting Logs” listed here

Hi @wario007, @usernameisJim,
Thank you for your answers. In the meantime I have closed all channels on the old node and withdrawn all funds. now i install a new node.
Unfortunately, the restore from the backup did not work.

hi, if you couldn’t restore your channels from the backup, how did you do it? I’m asking because I have de same issue. I really appreciate if you an share your experience. thanks in advance .

i still had a working umbrel on a raspberry - i actually wanted to migrate it to a new computer. I simply restarted the rasberry and transferred all funds.