Funds have not returned to Lightning wallet after channel restore

Hi, I’m running Umbrel Version 0.4.14 on a Pi 4. My Umbrel is connected directly to my router via ethernet, and I’m using a 1TB SSD.

Bitcoin core has been fully synced to the blockchain for about 5 months and & after the most recent update I noticed that my Bitcoin & Lightning wallet were both stuck “synchronizing” and i couldn’t see my balance. I downloaded the logs and noticed an error “panic: freepages: failed to get all reachable pages (page 63988: multiple references)”. Found on another thread that this may be because the LND database is corrupted & that it is easiest to just “start over” (I have my seed and channel backups).

I used balenaEtcher to flash my SD card using umbrel-os-v0.4.14.img then I reset my Umbrel user data using “sudo systemctl stop umbrel-startup && sudo rm -rf ~/umbrel/lnd/!(lnd.conf) && sudo rm ~/umbrel/db/user.json && sudo rm ~/umbrel/db/umbrel-seed/seed && sudo systemctl start umbrel-startup”

Next, I restored my node using my seed phrase (my Bitcoin on-chain wallet has been restored and I can see my balance) & I moved my channel backups to /home/umbrel/umbrel/lnd/ & I ran “cd ~/umbrel && ./bin/lncli restorechanbackup --multi_file /data/.lnd/channel.backup”.

I’ve waited almost 48 hours and I haven’t seen any funds returned to my Lightning wallet. I originally had 10 channels open and now 1ml says I’m down to 8.

I’m not sure if those channels were closed by my peers due to me being inactive or if the command to restore my channels is working. How long should I wait before I try the recovery command again with a different backup file? I don’t want to be over eager and make it worse lol!

Thank you!

I think you did all that for nothing.

That could have a simple cause. You should look closely into your logs before start all that crazy recovery.
Recovery is THE LAST RESORT after you’ve done all possible checks and fixes.

I suggest to just wait. Normally force closures takes more than 2 days, depends if the peers were online,the gossip response, lock time of the funds etc…

Just wait.

ok, i’ll wait. What should be done normally in response to “panic: freepages: failed to get all reachable pages (page 63988: multiple references)” error in the logs?

Hey, a few more days have passed and I still haven’t seen any funds returned to my on chain or lightning wallet. Do you think it’s best to wait another week or try to restore from my channel backup again? From the Umbrel UI and RTL app I don’t see any lightning channels but 1ML & amboss still show i have active channels.

Amboss and 1ml are not showing in real time. Forget about checking on those explorer the real status of your node.

If you would read from the beginning the troubleshooting manual, where it says what you have to do when the node is not starting you wouldn’t end-up in this mess.
Also in the Guides section of this forum there is the restore funds manual that explain step by step and for each situation what you have to do.

TRY this first:
In the troubleshooting manual you have the instructions how to check status for closed channels. If you have them listed, force close them. See the instructions there.
Wait until the maturity block height is reached and check the onchain.

If that doesn’t work… You last chance now is to recover the funds in Blixt, using the same channels.backup file and original seed.

BE AWARE! Stop the actual node. Is useless anyway. Then follow the restore manual, point 3 using Blixt.
You should see in the process how is closing the channels, for sure will be some force closures there, so be patient, will take at least 144 blocks to release the funds.

This happen when you panic and don’t read careful first.