Lightning Node is currently syncing

My Umbrel node on Pi was taking 5 to 10 minutes just to login or open an app ,So I have flashed it to the latest version, and installed a new SSD drive. I have installed the bitcoin app and it is 100% synchronized for a few days already.
I put in the seed words for the lightning node app, and it says the bitcoin wallet, the lightning wallet is both zero. It also says no channels.
I had a balance in both the bitcoin and lightning wallet before, and used the same seed.
I try to recover channels and it says Lightning Node is currently syncing.

The bitcoin node is already synchronized for days…so what exactly am I waiting for? Is this an error or how long is the lightning node supposed to take?

I also have Electrs installed, and that too has the message: Waiting for Bitcoin Node to finish syncing…

How do I fix this?
It has been about 24hrs since the Bitcoin node was 100% synchronized so what could the issue be?

I notice if I open the Lightning node in Umbrel and go to the Node ID info, it remains blank for both Network and Node ID info

I have the same problem. Network and Node ID are blank.
In my case I recovered from seed because my Nodl hardware failed. The on chain is OK and shows a balance.

So its been a few more days. The lightning node is STILL saying zero balance in wallet, no channels, and when I check the node ID and Network, they are both blank still.
When I choose to recover channels it still says its synching.
Seriously, how can this be? The bitcoin node is synched for ages, what does the lightning node have to do? Its been days, and nothing. Can anyone give some suggestions before I give up once and for all?