Not able to access Umbrel

I’m not computer savvy and don’t know enough about network. I’ve just set up the node, but I cannot access it through either umbrel.local or http://umbrel/
The problem seems to be that the device isn’t connected to the internet because I can’t find it in my router page although ethernet cable is connected to the Raspberry Pi and the router . I’m using this device

Please teach me how to fix this like I’m 5.
Other guides here are somehow confusing.

Edit: I was able to connect it to the internet without ethernet cable, but I’m still unable to access umbrel.local
Please help. I don’t want to have to return the hardware to amazon

I’m having similar issues and tried a lot of different things, which I listed on my question here: Cannot connect to Umbrel.

I’m going to get a HDMI micro cable so I can plug into my comp monitor and see what the Raspberry Pi is saying on it’s end because working in the dark is annoying.

The first thing you can try is to go to the terminal/powershell and type the command arp -a like that guide said. If the Raspberry Pi is on there its MAC address will start out with one of these configurations: … and then just type in the IP in the browser.

Thank you. None of the addresses starts with those. I use an adaptor by the way because my router doesn’t have ethernet port. I hope that’s not the problem

Also having this problem. Please tell me if you work it out. ran arp -a and see the device, but shows this response… ( at (incomplete) on en0 ifscope [ethernet]. Not sure of my next steps.

For all those here with problems of not being able to access the node, here is a guide step by step
How to set a static IP for your node