Having trouble booting node


I bought exactly all the recommended hardware, including the raspberry pi power supply. It’s all assembled and connected to router via Ethernet cable. My laptop isn’t. I followed all the “get started” steps and I’m finally trying to connect to umbrel.local but having no luck. I d/l’d angry ip and it found 3 addresses: _gateway, my laptop, and [n/a]. When I try to open the n/a one It just says unable to connect. I couldn’t sign in via ssh, the terminal said ssh: could not resolve hostname, name or service not known.

I’m new to Linux and have like no technical skills, I can barely change directory. I hardly know anything about routers or command line but it looked easy enough on the umbrel website… I’m in over my head a bit. But I do wish to run an umbrel node!

Any help is appreciated


it is a personal opinion. Test everything again. There are several problems that can occur. It can be the LAN cable that is not working, it can be the cable you are using between the Pi and the SSD. It can also be that your router is blocking something. I have had all these problems and if you always try everything yourself you learn from it. It’s better to have a flat tire before you drive to know how to change tires to keep your car safe on the road. Of course you will get help here, but it seems to me that it is a problem with your LAN cable or router. At least it was with me so at the beginning. New LAN cable ordered, router checked and the IP of the PI identifitiert and then it went on. So try everything first to check and then you can write again how the current status is.
Also, don’t forget to connect the SSD to USB 3.0, which is the blue USB port on the Raspi.

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