Node stuck on Synchronizing and not updating

I was about 50% complete through downloading the blockchain, now the interface doesnt update. I have reflashed and checked connections. Any reccomendations or fixes?
Thanks, new here.

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Have patience. Latest blocks are heavier and take more time to sync.
Patience is the key.

Sorry, maybe I wasn’t clear. It’s not that the blocks aren’t updating, the whole interface is stopped on that loading screen and nothing is updating at all. Thanks

Can you generate logs? (in Settings page)

Thanks for replying. However, seemed to be a SSD issue as I wiped the drive and have started over and so far so good. Will see if I encounter the same issue or not.

From my experiments, SSD is the least prone to failure there, always discard suspect usb cables for example.

I posted a similar issue in another thread, and have been hearing it’s a cable issue rather than SSD. my node is synced to 100% but the LN network is still loading, i’ve done a hard reset and reboot to no avail (have yet to recover sats as well from original build)