Rebuild stuck syncing

Setup: Umbrel on Raspberry Pi 4 over Ethernet, 1 TB SSD, Windows 10 Pro Desktop.
Situation: After successfully running node for a couple months, had to do a complete reinstall that included reformatting SSD and reflashing Umbrel. Was able to connect to my node via seed words and began re-downloading blockchain. Halfway through, power outage. Now everything APPEARS to be syncing but it isn’t. Before I start over, any suggestions?

Can upload logs

Try to do some restarts, I found that Tor sometimes don’t start up. After starting, see if you have 10 or more peers conected. With few peers sync won’t go.
If taking too long to conect peers, shutdown and wait 30 minutes to power on again. That what worked for me in similar issues.

on it. thanks

Where can I see no. of peers?

In the umbrel.local/bitcoin page, in the frame “Network” you’ll find “Connections” with info.

I think I know the problem. I am re-flashing over and over again and starting fresh, but I am using the .9 version rather than the newest 10 version. But I upgraded the firmware to 10 while it was uploading before it crashed, so I need to do a flash with the new software I think. Don’t see on GitHub.

While it was updating the blockchain is what I mean. I upgraded to 20 during block rebuild, then it crashed, now when I try to get back in I’m using older firmwae because that’s all we can download now. Using Putty to get in isn’t working because I’m getting blocked at login, even though I’m using the same login and password I use for umbrel. To be clear I’m connected to my umbrel. it’s just hung up at sync and I am not connected to any peers. Thanks.

It is not possible to downgrade. And version 4.10 is full of problems, better not play with it . You have to exclude the umbrel partitions to clean the SSD, so them can use version 4.9 to do a new install.

Wait to version 4.11 to be released. Don´t update to version 4.10.

I was able to restore using 4.9! All good except funds not showing up after 3 days. Posted separately. Thank you for your help.

I had a lot o problems with versions 4.8, 4.9 and 4.10. I see people saying of issues with wallet apps, I think it has to do with issues of those versions. The best to download blockchain is v 4.7, in which Neutrino is working, so you can do transactions soon. After sync 100%, you can reflash version 4.9 and go on with the security added.