Umbrel Not syncing

My Umbrel seems to have stopped syncing about 24 hours ago. I can access the dashboard fine. And nothing out of the ordinary has happened to the hardware. It hasn’t been shut down wrong or anything like that. I tried reflashing the SD, but that doesn’t seem to have helped. Any ideas what I should try next outside of replacing the SD and Hard drive?

I’m going to try uninstalling and reinstalling the Bitcoin Node app and see if that does anything. It can’t get much worse from this point.

So, after reinstallig the Bitcoin node app, it seems to be starting to completely resync…from the very beginning. Which sucks, but at least, it seems for now, I won’t have to replace any hardware. No idea why this happened, but hopefully it works and is back up with the week. that’s about how long it took last time.

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did it worked? I am having the same issue, Bitcoin node suddenly stucked syncronizing block 765544 and goes back to 764898 over and over again.

I have some sats on the node that I want to recuperate them, before delete everything.