Node out-of-sync with network

I just had my new Umbrel home but, since the begening, every 12 hours the number of peers drops to 1 and the node becomes out-of-sync with network.
I just installed bitcoin node, electrum and mempool.

Any idea?


I have the same issue.

Everytime I check the status I need to restart the Umbrel for the BTC node to sync up.

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I was having the same issues and I reached out and they told me to turn on the betaOS option and update to umbrelOS 1.2 Beta 1 and I haven’t had issues since. Also, if I’m not using any apps. I’ll stop them until I need them so they don’t take up any memory or CPU space.

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Thanks. I discovered this by accident last night when I upgraded to get the wifi set up.

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Awesome! Let me know how it goes. I might try the WiFi set up soon since the lights on the back of the ethernet port light up the room at night since I keep it pretty dark. :sweat_smile:

Thanks a lot, I am trying right now. Will let you know if it is working for me in few days.

So far so good!

Sounds good and let me know if the ethernet port lights up or doesn’t when using WiFi.

Nice! Has it been stable since the update?

Looks better than yesterday!!! The beta 1 has a problem to connect with node through TOR. The beta 2 fixed it.

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Any tips or tutorials you can share on how to connect or use TOR?

I use Sparrow as bitcoin wallet.
You need to:

  • allow Remote Tor access in your Umbrel settings
  • install Electrs
  • connect Sparrow to your node