Bitcoin Core not syncing -- 0 peers

Have an umbrel that has been running for a while. Went in to connect some new wallets today and noticed that it stopped syncing a few weeks ago. It appears to be running and there is nothing obvious in the troubleshooting logs. The main thing I see is that there are zero peer connected. I found and old troubleshooting post that suggested deleting the peers.dat file. I did that but nothing changed after I restarted the umbrel. Any suggestions? Thanks!

Just tried reflashing the SD card and restarting the Umbrel. That did not seem to have any effect. Then I tried uninstalling all apps, including Bitcoin Node and reinstalled only Bitcoin Node. Still appears to have the same issue – not connecting to any peers.

I’m having the same kind of problem the node has downloaded about 131Gb and then has suddenly stopped working and no amount of restarting will get it working again its just got no peers Connecting and however long I leave it on is just won’t work.

@jwminer I was unable to get my Umbrel working, so I flashed an SD card with RoninDojo and tried that. it didn’t work either, but that led me to believe that the problem was not the Umbrel. What I eventually figured out from the RoninDojo logs is that my router received a patch that was blocking TOR connections. I changed that setting and now RoninDojo is working. I have not retried Umbrel since the RoninDojo is now almost synced. My point is not to switch os’, but rather…check to see if it may be that something changed on your network that is blocking the TOR connection. Hope that helps.

strange that my node started and just out of the blue it’s stopped I’ve had no update to my own network but it seems like a needle in a hay stack.

Maybe it was the LND bug Update your node