Node not syncing

I had my node offline for about 4 weeks unknowingly and now it says it’s synced, but never really shows up and the space isn’t increasing like it’s adding to it. Nothing on the Node page (latest blocks, network) show up at all.

Any tips?

EDIT: Trying the fix listed below for this

sudo rm ./umbrel/app-data/bitcoin/data/bitcoin/settings.json

Sadly, the removal of settings.json and the other file and a reboot left me at the same spot. :frowning:

I really don’t want to have to reimage, but I guess I can

EDIT: a hard reboot of the device. Power corded pull and then re power up seemed to have worked after doing the file removal. Weird… but I’ll take it.

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also, it says Umbrel is up to date as well.