Bitcoin node not syncing

I know it’s full of “not syncing” topics, but I can’t find my exact problem on any of them:
My node was functioning perfectly for months, but after I upgraded to v0.5 my bitcoin node started to have problems.

This is what I see everytime I enter to check:

It’s always 2 or 4 days lagged behind. And the total count of blocks (749.862 in the picture) stays stuck for a long time when it should see a new one every 10 minutes. If I check it in like 4 days, it will probably say that Latest blocks is “3 days ago” which tells me that from time to time, it succesfully synchronizes some blocks, but it never gets to the top of the blockchain.

I don’t know it this is related to TOR DDoS that’s been happening lately, but it rings a big alarm that I cannot access my Umbrel through TOR anymore. I already tried restarting it a couple times, with days in between restarts to give it time to sync, but it’s always some days behind.

When I use the troubleshooting script, it says everything’s fine… I attached it here
umbrel-1660771615355-debug.log (37.5 KB)

Can anyone please point me into the right direction to solve this? I cannot find good “bitcoin node” guides to run the bitcoin-cli commands that could tell me what’s happening. It feels as if I were on a different blockchain, forked or something, as the total number of blocks I see is not even the real one which I can check on bitcoin explorers…

Ok, it’s always the same, one writes on the forum and instantly finds the solution… :stuck_out_tongue:

It just occurred to me that system datetime could be wrong, and after checking it, I saw my Umbrel was 3 minutes behind of reality. It must have happened because of power outtages that happened some weeks ago.
I installed chrony as a service and it should maintain time synchronized from now on.

Bitcoin node is synchronizing perfectly now.

I can access my Umbrel through TOR again, as everything depends on having a correct synchronized time on the OS. My node is fully synchronized too.

How did you check on your Umbrel system time and how did you update it??

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