No internet when umbrel node is working

Hello all.
When I plug the node the rest of devices of the network cannot connect to internet. Someone can help me?

And how we are supposed to know what is going on in your internal network?

  1. Give more details about your local network map. Just from that one phrase NOBODY can help you. Or ate least we need to have some kind of magic orb to see your internal network
  2. did you set a static IP for your node? Be sure your local router is assigning correctly DHCP addresses to all devices.
  3. Connect your node using a cable not Wifi.
  4. Read the guides section of this forum where you can find more information
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I have a normal wifi router connected to internet, nothing special. The node is connected by RJ45. The DCHP I think is correct since I get a valid local when ping umbrel.local.

When the node starts to run the rest of the devices of the wifi and the lan start with the “loading message” in any page.

I will read the guide. Thank you for the help