Umbrel killing my local network

This has happened twice in the past week, at seemingly random times. Middle of night once and middle of day once.

I have an edge router that’s configured for a mesh wifi network. When the issue occurs, all the outgoing ethernet plugs from that router become useless (no wifi, also no ethernet internet access).

When I unplug the Umbrel ethernet cable from the router, the other plugs become useful again and I get internet back.

When I plug in the Umbrel, it all goes off again. I can’t even access the Umbrel GUI, nor ssh into the Umbrel while it’s plugged in.

Only way to fix is to powercycle the Umbrel.

Seems like maybe has something to do with DNS or dynamic IP? Like my umbrel is fighting with my router for a given IP? Something like that?

Set a static internal IP for your node and be aware how your LAN is configured.
You have some misconfiguration in there that is overlapping IPs.

@DarthCoin Thanks for the response. I showed this idea to my network support guy and he suggested that a better way to fix it would be to set port forwarding. He asked me to re-post the question here: what port should we set up for port forwarding to fix this.

Does this seem like a good solution to you? Any ideas?