Network Request Failed - Create Lightning wallet in connected bluewallet

I have a functioning node with open channels and both in and outbound liquidity.

On the latest version etc etc - all normal.

I have followed the guide to connect to bluewallet, first scanning the lightning network QR and then electrum servers.

However, when I go to ‘create’ a lightning wallet in bluewallet I always get ‘TypeError: Network request failed’… not sure if bluewallet is just having issues at the moment or is there something I need to configure?

Side question - it appears apps like Zap can use your node’s wallet, but bluewallet only seems to ‘create’ new ones… Is there no way to use the node wallet directly through bluewallet either?

Any help is appreciated

Thanks, so it doesn’t manage the node wallets (yet). I still have the issue where creating a new lightning node results in the network error, app is connected to electrum & lightning network settings.